Use of ALT Fx Keys During boot

In addition to ALT-F2 (which displays processing of CONFIG.SYS statements), ALF-F1 can be used to perform a number of alternate boot sequences. These are shown below. The display can also be customized if you wish to add your own choices. Note that if archives have been performed, they will also be listed. Also note that this mechanism is slightly different from Warp V3 in which character keys (C, V, etc) were used to make choices.

Other notes related to using the FX keys when the white OS/2 block is displayed during boot:

                                RECOVERY CHOICES

   Select the system configuration file to be used, or enter the option
   corresponding to the archive desired.

   ESC - Continue the boot process using \CONFIG.SYS without changes
   F2  - Go to command line, (no files replaced, use original CONFIG.SYS)
   F3  - Reset primary video display to VGA and reboot
   F4  - Restart the system from the Maintenance Desktop (Selective Install)
   F5  - Enable full hardware detection
   F6  - Disable hardware detection

   Choosing an archive from the list below replaces your current CONFIG.SYS,
   Desktop directory, and INI files with older versions.  These older versions
   might be different from your current files.  Your current files are saved in

  0) Original archive from INSTALL created 10-1-96  8:11:10PM