The SCOUG Time Line

1993 - 2002

Initial meeting of local OS/2 advocates is held to form The Southern California OS/2 User Group

The selected Board of Directors is President Bert Langer, Vice President Rollin White, Secretary & Treasurer Lynn Maxson, Charlie Moore, Steven Christ, Hank Kunczewski, and Tom Suter

OS/2 is at version 2.1

August 1993
September 1993 First general meeting at The City in Orange gathers 50+ with an overview of OS/2 by Rollin White

SCOUG participates at the OS/2 Applications Day at the Costa Mesa IBM offices

SCOUG members review several OS/2 communications programs

The inaugural issue of the club's newsletter, OS/2 For You debuts, and SCOUG's Disk of the Month is started in response to member requests

SCOUG members volunteer with Team OS/2 at the Pomona swap meet; David Barnes of IBM gives a special presentation

October 1993
November 1993 SCOUG members review OS/2's productivity applets as the group holds its first meeting at the IBM facilities in Costa Mesa

OS/2 Gala at Egghead in Brea

IBMer Gene Osten demonstrates OS/2's multi-media capabilities

SCOUG holds the first election by the membership of its directors: President Bert Langer, Vice President Gary Granat, Secretary Tom Suter, Treasurer Steve Schiffman, Steven Christ, Michael Lavender, Charlie Moore, Bobby Reeves, and Rollin White

Team OS/2 Day at Office Solutions in Long Beach

Team OS/2-sponsored presentation of SmartSuite for OS/2 by Lotus; this is the first official showing of the product anywhere

December 1993
January 1994 Clipboard, DDE, and other application communication mechanisms are explained by Rollin White

First SCOUG OS/2 workshop for new users begins a SCOUG tradition of providing hands-on assitance for users in need

SCOUG's first non-local meeting presenter is Rob Veitch, the VX-REXX Chief Architect and Technical Manager at Watcom showing us VX-REXX February 1994
March 1994 SCOUG member Gary Granat demonstrates VisPro/REXX and SCOUG member Matt Bennett demonstrates BackMaster, a tape backup solution from MSR Developement

Nationwide, members participate in the OS/2 Day at CompUSA sponsored by Team OS/2

And, an OS/2 day at Egghead in Westminster adds to local awareness of OS/2

IBM presents the Personal Application System

SCOUG sponsors an OS/2 Day at Micro Center in Tustin

April 1994
May 1994 SCOUG Member Gary Granat demonstrates GammaTech Utilities

The Service Pak for OS/2 for Windows is released (or about to be)

Leslie Allen of DeScribe shows how the DeScribe Word Processor has evolved and matured with OS/2

SCOUG's first OS/2 Installation Workshop provids attendees hands-on assistance with the installation of OS/2 on their computer systems

June 1994
July 1994 Fifth Generation Systems brought their FastBack back-up system for OS/2

Kim Cheung has the distinction of becoming SCOUG's 100th member

A new meeting format includes three SIGs - New Users led by Rollin White, Programmers led by Kim Cheung, and Networking led by Max Kimble

FTG Systems shows what PenDirect for OS/2 can do, and Stan Shantar of Orange Hill Software delights us with Icontrol Plus and Essential Utilities for OS/2 August 1994
September 1994 CES BBS is devoted to OS/2; Rollin White explores with us the resources available on his CES BBS, and shows how to make the most of them
Binary Research is on hand with UniBeam (which became LinkWiz from PCX Software)

And Dr. Carol Righi from IBM explains the user interface issues being explored for their on-going development of OS/2

OS/2 Warp version 3 comes out with lots of fanfare and several SCOUG members attend the announcement celebration held in Los Angeles

October 1994
November 1994 Syntegration brings us The Secure Workplace
Rollin White shows useful ways to use the Workplace Shell

Janet Gobeille of IBM visits with Team OS/2 volunteers during the holidays

SCOUG has a booth at the Pomona swap meet showing what's neat about OS/2

December 1994
January 1995 The meeting has two presenters. Artisoft demos Lantastic for OS/2 and BT&T demos their Tax Software for OS/2

SCOUG starts a broad-based four-part series of workshops on using OS/2

Warp 3 with Win-OS/2 support goes into gamma and the early beta of OS/2 for the PowerPC begins

Stac Corporation shows us data compression with Stacker for OS/2 February 1995
March 1995 The new Clearlook Word Processor is presented by the Clearlook Corporation

SCOUG annual elections have shifted to March: President Rollin White, Vice President Steve Schiffman, Secretary Tom Suter, Treasurer Michael Lavender, Gary Granat, Gloria Huang, Bert Langer, Terry Warren, and Paul Wirtz

Presenting at the monthly meeting is Sundial Systems with Relish, and a preview of Relish for the PowerPC

FixPak for Warp for Windows is released

April 1995
May 1995 Rob Jones of QLogic shows their OS/2 supported SCSI cards and Ron Knievel of Panasonic demonstrates their new optical drive

SCOUG's repeating series of workshops and lectures on OS/2 just keep on rolling

The meeting topic was last minute, and SCOUG celebrated Rollin White's college graduation

OS/2 Warp Connect with WIN-OS/2 support is now available

June 1995
July 1995 Brad Wardell of Stardock Systems brought us Object Desktop and several games including Galactic Civilizations
Ellen Cuury of the SAS Institute presents The SAS System for Information Delivery and local Les Novell of DataMirage Software shows us LiveWire

The Internet SIG launches into cyber space

You can now get a version of OS/2 Warp Connect without WIN-OS/2 support

August 1995
September 1995 Steve Hill of Hilgraeve Inc. came to show us Hyper Access/6 and Kopy Kat

IBMer (and SCOUG member) John Bennett teaches a class on OS/2 at Rancho Santiago College

IBM demoed the Voice Type voice recognition software

SCOUG has a booth and does several presentations at the two-day Super Show in Pomona

Hobbes FTP site added to CES BBS, SCOUG's BBS resource

October 1995
November 1995 Pinnacle Technologies explains what their Desktop Observatory and Kid Proof/2 can do for us

SCOUG members volunteer with Team OS/2 at COMDEX in Las Vegas

DUX Software shows off the American Heritage Dictionary and Sim City

Carla Hanzlik's report from COMDEX is gloomy with IBM no longer interested in individual user support for OS/2

IBM briefly releases CommonPoint (ie, Taligent) for OS/2

December 1995
January 1996 Synergation presents their Travelling Desktop

IBM releases the PowerPC edition of OS/2 Warp, but soon withdraws development and marketing for it

We're told that OS/2 Warp Server (currently in beta test) should ship in a few months

SCOUG gets a demo of StandbyServer32 by Rick Rollins of Vinca Corporation; it's the only product to provide full server fault tolerance for LAN Server Advanced networks

Warp Server "Version 4" (with the Warp Version 3 interface) ships

Note: SCOUG's raffles at every meeting are quite popular!

February 1996
March 1996 Joel Krautheim of SPG, Inc. demos ColorWorks 2.0 - and gives away lots of 1.0 copies to SCOUG members

SCOUG elections produce this Board of Directors: President Rollin White, Vice President Steve Schiffman, Secretary Terry Warren, Treasurer Michael Lavender, Mark Abramowitz, Michael Jacobs, Bert Langer, Peter Skye, and Paul Wirtz

Stan Shantar shows us the Orange Hill Workplace Solution

SCOUG's OS/2 booth is well received at the Los Angeles Computer Fair

News of features in the next release of Warp are creeping into the press... like built-in voice recognition and Java support...

April 1996
May 1996 Brad Wardell of Stardock Systems returns with Object Desktop 1.5 and Pro, Galactic Civilizations 2, and Trials of Battle

And, an IBM Swat Team member gives us a sneak peek at Merlin, the next release of OS/2

China has adopted OS/2 as their official operating system

Money Tree is explained by Dr. Brian Minor, president and lead developer at Mount Baker Software


June 1996
July 1996 Dudley Westlake of MSR Development demos BackMaster while providing a lot of details about how tape backup systems work

News reports say that two- and four- processor servers that can run OS/2 Warp Server will be available soon

Ken Willard presents Post Road Reader, Post Road Mailer, and WebExtra for Innoval

SCOUG celebrates its 3rd birthday!

Remember the workshops and lectures? They happen over and over every month

August 1996
September 1996 Randell Flint and Rollin White of Sundial Systems demo Mesa 2 and talk about the advantages of OpenDoc Components

Mr. Know-It-All's column debuts in OS/2 For You with information on the Year 2000 problem

OS/2 Warp version 4, code named Merlin, goes gold with a big launch event in San Francisco

Rollin White explores the newly released OS/2 Warp version 4

SCOUG volunteers cover stores all over the Southland for the world-wide OS/2 event of the year, Connect the World

And SCOUG has a booth and holds OS/2 workshops at the computer show and fair in Pomona

October 1996
November 1996 Terry Hamilton of TrueSpectra brings us Photo>Graphics

And Felix Cruz of SofTouch Systems has the GammaTech Utilities, FileStar/2, UniMaint, and GammaTech IRC

Deluxe Software shows the World's Easiest OS/2

SCOUG's OS/2 Help Desk premiers with resident experts in all fields of OS/2 on hand to help people work through problems with their systems or OS/2

December 1996
January 1997 Blake Watson of SpeedSoft demos Sibyl

OS2Central is a new OS/2 forum on CompuServe

Max Eidswick, President of WaveRunner Technologies, explains ISDN technology and their ISDN modems

Terry Warren begins his five-part lecture series on Java programming; According to Terry, "The Internet is everywhere, and the Java language is what will drive it"

February 1997
March 1997 SCOUG members collectively explore the World Wide Web

SCOUG elected its Board of Directors: President Rollin White, Vice President Terry Warren, Secretary Gary Wong, Treasurer Michael Lavender, Mark Abramowitz, Tom Emerson, Steve Schiffman, Dave Watson, and Paul Wirtz

Sundial Systems with Randell Flint and Rollin White demo Relish, Relish Net, Relish Web, Clearlook, Mesa 2, and DBExpert

WebFoot the Duck waddles onto the scene in OS/2 For You

April 1997
May 1997 Michael Steinberg of Lotus shows that Smart Suite 96 for OS/2 is finally almost here

Preparations are under way for SCOUG's first Open House scheduled for July

IBM begins Software Choice as a delivery mechanism for OS/2 features and updates

SCOUG members go head-to-head in a shoot out of their favorite email programs

The Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.1 for OS/2 - with JavaBeans - is in open beta

June 1997
July 1997 SCOUG's Open House is an action-packed day-long celebration with presentations, contests (like the Zero In On Bill dart game), vendors, prizes, and lots of fun - and don't forget the OS/2 Museum!

Also, SCOUG now has its own t-shirts with its colorful logo

IBM ships the marketing CD, OS/2 Warp 4 World Tour

Gene Akins of MSR Development returns with BackMaster and the MicroLearn Game Pak II

The OS/2 version of Visual Age for Java is released

August 1997
September 1997 IBM's Ozzie Osborne, the General Manager who "navigates" IBM's voice products, and "dictates" their direction is our special guest with IBM Voice Technology

Anticipation is building for the coming Warpstock

Dadaware demos their graphics program, Embellish

With the Web on the rise, CES BBS retires

Warpstock '97 - the biggest OS/2 user conflab ever held - brings people came from all over the world to Diamond Bar; SCOUG is the proud host and our OS/2 Museum is a popular attraction

October 1997
November 1997 Herb Wong discusses the ins and outs of hard drives and OS/2
Terry Warren demos Lotus SmartSuite, still in beta December 1997
January 1998 Paul Wirtz demonstrates IBM's WorkSpace On-Demand, giving SCOUG members a first hand look at this new computing concept
Warp meets Mac as Mark Abramowitz demonstrates how Virtual PC lets you run OS/2 apps on a Mac

The new 2.02 version of Netscape includes Java 1.1.4 support

OS/2 powers the computers at the Olympics in Nagano, Japan

February 1998
March 1998 Sundial Systems previews a new version of Mesa 2 with a ton of new features

SCOUG election results are: President Terry Warren, Vice President Paul Wirtz, Secretary Gary Wong, Treasurer Tom Emerson, Mark Abramowitz, Tony Butka, Sheridan George, Steve Schiffman, and Dave Watson

Terry Warren, our resident Java expert and advocate, demonstrates Visual Age for Java

Several of SCOUG's regular Monday evening meetings are moving to the OCIPUG Resource Center in Santa Ana

April 1998
May 1998 Sundial Systems seeks feedback with a session on upcoming products including one that is to become Junk Spy
SCOUG members hold a news reader shoot-out

WWW.SCOUG.Com unveils a sharper new look

June 1998
July 1998 V Communications shows that System Commander makes it easier to use several operating systems on one PC

Two new columns premiere in OS/2 For You - Ink by Tony Butka and Download! by Paul Wirtz

Stan Shantar of Orange Hill Software has a Workplace Solution to extend the functionality of the Workplace Shell with Rover! August 1998
  September 1998 SCOUG's 5th anniversary celebration is the 2nd big all-day Open House with demonstrations, presentations, prizes, and such a lot of fun!
Chris Graham of WarpSpeed Computers brings the Graham Utilities to SCOUG from Australia

SCOUG is in full force at Warpstock '98 in Chicago with a booth and presentations by several members

October 1998
November 1998 Steve Schiffman and Gary Granat show how to set up your own home network
Mark Abramowitz shows the elections return application he developed for monitoring elections results; and Lynn Maxson explains his Warpicity project December 1998  
January 1999 Paul Wirtz demos StarOffice from StarDivision

The SCOUG-Help mailing list is begun

Brent Bowlby of CDS, Inc shows off backup software Back Again/2

SCOUG's evening meetings move to Heritage Christian School in Anaheim

February 1999
March 1999 Serenity Systems with our own Kim Cheung shows the advantages of WiseManager

The Sundial SIG begins with a DBExpert database project

SCOUG elects its Board of Directors: President Terry Warren, Vice President Paul Wirtz, Secretary Gary Wong, Treasurer Melanie Chernoy, Mark Abramowitz, Tony Butka, Sheridan George, Steve Schiffman, and Dave Watson

Terry Warren of NetZero demos their Java browser that soon will be available for OS/2

SCOUG produces its first CD of the month which includes Netscape 4.04, Java 1.1.7, and Warp 4 FixPak 10

April 1999
May 1999 The meeting topic is so last minute, we forgot to record what it is!

IBM releases Warp Server for e-business

Multimedia Madness gripped SCOUG with Jerry Rash giving an OS/2 how-to for all your multimedia desires

SCOUG members are invited to special local appearances by Edwin Black, author of Format c:

June 1999
July 1999 Randell Flint and Rollin White of Sundial Systems return with usage hints and tidbits on all their products
Paul Wirtz walks us through all the new modules in Netscape 4.6 August 1999
September 1999 Warp Expo West is SCOUG's really big OS/2 bash celebrating the club's 6th anniversary and commitment to OS/2. Held at Chapman University in Orange, the day is filled with numerous presentations, exhibits like Vendor 100, exhibitors, and special events like Warped Jeopardy! and a round-table discussion that included Peter Coffee of PC Week.
Web Page Design is the presentation topic by Virginia Hetrick

Another year, another Warpstock - this year in Atlanta and SCOUG is there again with a booth and member presentations

October 1999  
November 1999 We learn about the marketing of Warp Expo West by the man who did it, Peter Skye

A special commemorative issue of the newsletter features Peter Skye's Greatest Hits

Discussion of the OS/2 Apps We Really Like and Some We'd Really Like is led by Mark Abramowitz December 1999
January 2000 Brent Bowlby of CDS returns to demo Back Again/2000
KeyRing/2 is premiered at SCOUG by Kevin McCoy IDK

SCOUG holds its first general meeting at Heritage Christian School in Anaheim; for the present, all SCOUG meetings are being held here

February 2000
March 2000 A demo of XFree86 for OS/2 by Tim Katz of Demand Systems is on the agenda this month

Gary Wong revives the Download! column in OS/2 For You with a focus on everything new that's downloadable for OS/2

Elections of SCOUG's Board of Directors: President Steve Schiffman, Vice President Gary Wong, Secretary Terry Warren, Treasurer Steven Levine, Melanie Chernoy, Sheridan George, John Hlavac, Dallas Legan, and Charles Schreiber

Kim Cheung of Serenity Systems shows us WiseManager and more April 2000
  May 2000 Mark Abramowitz shows us a whole lot of OS/2 tips and tricks

POSSI hosts WarpTech in Phoenix and SCOUG is there as an exhibitor and - yee-haw! - as sponsor of the big Saturday evening rodeo outing; it's a sell-out!

Sundial Systems brings the new version 2.3 of their Mesa 2 spreadsheet June 2000
July 2000 DSL on OS/2 is presented by representatives from Verizon (GTE) and LinkSys
Data Representations shows us Simplicity for Java

SCOUG holds a Pig SIG - our anniversary party is a BBQ picnic with all the fix-ins; but the Sink the Duck game doesn't draw much action

August 2000
September 2000 Peter Skye explains the how-to and goals of his OS/2 Musclemen project
LinkSys returns to show us more about their routers

Warpstock is held in Philadelphia, and for the first time SCOUG isn't there

October 2000
November 2000 Peter Skye describes his methods of using OS/2 for computerized stock and commodity trading

SCOUG's live Help Desk and Networking SIG begin meeting with the NOCCC OS/2 SIG on the 1st Sunday of the month at Chapman University in Orange

Convenience Pack (Warp 4.51) ships

Kim Cheung of Serenity Systems shows the near-final version of eComStation at our end-of-year meeting December 2000
January 2001 An ensemble of SCOUG members led by Carla Hanzlik takes a good hard look at SCOUG's past, present, and future

SCOUG moves to the meeting facilities at Regal Lanes in Orange

Troubleshooting OS/2 problems is Steven Levine's topic February 2001
March 2001 Multi-media expert Jerry Rash shows just how he does game emulation on OS/2 - phenomenal!
Dallas Legan takes us through the world of monitoring and maintaining networks with SNMP

Delayed a month, SCOUG's Board of Directors are elected: President Tony Butka, Vice President Sheridan George, Treasurer Steven Levine, Secretary Carla Hanzlik, Dallas Legan, Bob Blair, Greg Smith, Lynn Maxson, and Randell Flint

April 2001
May 2001 It isn't quite final, but SCOUG is the first group to get a demo in the roll-out of eComStation from Serenity Systems; Kim Cheung and Glenn Hudson showed it to us
Jan van Wijk comes from the Netherlands to demo his DFSee file management software June 2001
July 2001 An Internet fest is hosted by Dave Watson showing all the latest OS/2 web browsers

Netscape 4.61 is "refreshed"

Steven Levine updates us on where Odin is today and includes a step-by-step process for installing Odin and getting your Windows 95/98 programs up and running on OS/2

eComStation (eCS) version 1 ships

August 2001
September 2001 No meeting is held in respect for September 11th
We celebrate SCOUG's 8th anniversary with a multi-OS/2 install fest. It begins with four essentially identical clean systems and four eager volunteers to each install a different OS/2 flavor. eComStation, Warp 4, Convenience Pak, and Warp Server for e-Business, are each installed with as close to the same configuration and options as possible. The installations all complete successfully with Warp Server for e-Business actually leading the pack.

The 5th Warpstock is held in Toronto and SCOUG sends a special OS/2 Emergency Folder of tips for all attendees

October 2001
November 2001 Serenity Systems gives us a sneak preview of the Virtual PC developed with InnoTek and based on virtual machine technology from Connectix Corporation

IBM ships Convenience Pack 2 (Warp 4.52)

Steven Levine shows us a CID installation of MCP; Sheridan George provids a tidy comparison between Python and REXX that everyone found easy to understand; and Gary Wong shows us some of the sites he visits each month to put his Download! column together December 2001
January 2002 Zdenek Jizba explains the extensive numerical capabilities of the OS/2 version of APL, APL2

And, Greg Smith talks about AWK as a quick scripting language for OS/2

Bill Ritcher is on hand with GUIFFY, his compare and merge utility for source files, folders, and file trees February 2002
  March 2002 Virginia Hetrick schools us on using Tidy HTML for our web pages; and Harry Chris Motin covers the Open Watcom project, telling us all we need to know for getting started

SCOUG's Board of Directors are relected: President Tony Butka, Vice President Sheridan George, Treasurer Steven Levine, Secretary Carla Hanzlik, Dallas Legan, Bob Blair, Greg Smith, Lynn Maxson, and Randell Flint

Rocky Rakijas takes us step-by-step through the process of networking your home April 2002
May 2002 Sheridan George shows us how to quickly create html tables with REXX
SciTech's Michal Necasek gives us full-day, 3-part presentation: The OS/2 Years, SNAP Graphics (formerly SciTech Display Doctor), and Open Watcom June 2002
July 2002 MultiMedia with Java is explained and demonstrated by Terry Warren
Steve Schiffman covers the essentials of networking a local OS/2 network August 2002
September 2002 SCOUG's 9th Anniversary is a pizza party, and the presentation topic is all that's new with OS/2 web browsers

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