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Author Gary Granat answers a few questions.

  1. Why do you use OS/2?

    Because it works. And, because it works the way I want to work, not the way some software designer somewhere thought I should work.

  2. When did you first use OS/2?

    I've been using OS/2 since 1987/88 (I forget which; the first version I had was 1.1EE and I think that came out in '88, but my first exposure to it was in '87).

  3. Why did you first use OS/2?

    Because it was supposed to be the successor to DOS. At the time, Microsoft and IBM were in cooperation and OS/2 was supposed to be the next great operating system. Of course, that only lasted as long as Microsoft was on the band wagon. Turns out IBM wanted to make a smaller, lighter OS/2 with the same capabilities and Microsoft said it couldn't be done. The crew at Boca wrote release 1.3 as an exercise in about two months and that was the (public) beginning of the rift between Microsoft and IBM.

  4. What was your first computer?

    Cromemco Z-2 running Northstar DOS (I still have the computer and the diskettes, but I don't think anything works anymore).

  5. Favorite or most used OS/2 application?

    Most Used: PMMail/Netscape
    Favorite: Clearlook

    Of course, this completely ignores that fact that RelishNet starts up before the Workplace Shell on my system. You figure it out...

  6. What do you do for a living?

    By profession, I'm a Systems Analyst/Programmer with the emphasis on the Systems Analyst side of the slash.

Gary's articles include:

  • SofTouch UniMaint Review

  • SofTouch UniMaint Version 5
    About a year ago, Gary reviewed UniMaint Version 4.0, a Workplace Shell maintenance suite from SofTouch Systems and found it to be in the top tier of its product class. Now, with the release of Version 5.0, Gary returns to update his review. (11/1/1996)

  • SofTouch Unimaint
    Unimaint places a lot of power in the hands of the user, which can be dangerous but also very very useful. This review found the product invaluable. (11/1/1995)

  • Check+ - Financial Software for OS/2
    If you are looking for an OS/2 personal financial management system, Check+ has a lot to recommend it. It's not a full accounting package - rather, its primary focus is personal financial management needs. But the reviewer found it has sufficient depth and capability to support much of the financial management activity for a small business. (10/1/1995)

  • GammaTech Utilities for OS/2
    Part 2 of Gary Granat's review of GammaTech Utilities for OS/2, version 3.0, looks at the Files and Disk Map functions. Bottom line - the product is highly recommended without any reservations. (6/1/1995)

  • GammaTech Utilities for OS/2
    This review of GammaTech Utilities finds Version 3 to be quite worthwhile. (5/1/1995)

  • Mesa 2 for OS/2; A Mini-Review
    Mesa 2 from Athena Design is a new spreadsheet for OS/2 which shows considerable promise for the future. It does the classical spreadsheet kinds of things - doing data analysis and presenting data in an easy-to-understand format. But it definitely is not in the classical mold of Lotus 1-2-3. (4/1/1995)

  • Using the Warp LaunchPad ...
    The OS/2 Warp launchpad offers object organization on your desktop. Gary shows how he uses it. (2/1/1995)

  • File Managers - A Review
    This is the last article in a series that examines the various alternatives available to OS/2 users for performing file system management activities. (1/1/1995)

  • File Managers - A Review
    In Part 5 of the series, Gary looks at Norton Commander for OS/2, PM Disk Map, and DirMaster. (12/1/1994)

  • File Managers - A Review
    This month in Part 3 of the series on file manager, Gary looks at Directory Manager and FM/2. (10/1/1994)

  • File Managers - A Review
    Part 2 of the file managers series considers Administrator's Disk Utility and Space Map. (8/1/1994)

  • File Managers - A Review
    This is the introduction and overview of a series of articles on OS/2 file management utilities. (7/1/1994)

  • GammaTech's Tools for OS/2
    This is the last in the series of articles on the GammaTech Utilities. (4/1/1994)

  • GammaTech's Tools for OS/2
    Gary Granat begins his extensive look at the GammaTechn Utilities. (2/1/1994)

  • OS/2 Communications - More Alternatives
    Gary Granat reviews a few of the many OS/2 communication alternatives. (11/1/1993)