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Pictures from Sept. 1999

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The Southern California OS/2 User Group
  1. Why do you use OS/2?

    It does what I want to do in the way I want to do it.

  2. When did you first use OS/2?

    Open Beta of 2.0.

  3. Why did you first use OS/2?

    I had just been burned by buying Word and Excel for 3.0 and was told I need to pay more to make it work on 3.1. I tried other DOS multitaskers but OS/2 and the WPS gave me more flexibility.

  4. What's your favorite soda?

    Diet Pepsi

  5. What was your first computer?

    At school it was a IMSI 8080 with front panel switches that you had to toggle to teach how to read a tape from the teletype. At home it was a Commodore PET 2001. 8K Ram and a built it tape drive. Somewhere around 1975.

  6. Favorite or most used OS/2 application?

    Netscape or Post Road Mailer.

  7. What do you do for a living?

    I work at Volt Consulting Services in the Advanced Technologies Research and Design Department. Where I test and develop various systems to be marketed Including WorkSpace on Demand and ADSL modems.

  • Download! - January 1999
    Installing StarOffice, continued from December 1998. (1/1/1999)

  • Download! - December 1998
    WGET and downloading StarOffice. (12/1/1998)

  • Download! - November 1998
    Wall, SpellGuard and Element.ary!. Wall displays rotating wallpaper on your desktop.  SpellGuard is a spell checker that works with any program.  Element.ary! downloads weather maps. (11/1/1998)

  • Download! - October 1998
    Utilities that will help you understand and arrange your CONFIG.SYS file.  Tyra/2 and Config Info are discussed. (10/1/1998)

  • Download! - August 1998
    X-it and XFolder. X-it adds function buttons to your windows. XFolder adds Workplace Shell functionality, such as extra functions on menus, status lines, additional title information and hot keys. (8/1/1998)

  • Download! - July 1998

  • Closing a Folder Automatically

  • Custom FTP Objects

  • LWPFTP - A Better Way to FTP
    FTP programs' interfaces vary from a plain character mode to graphical with point and click selection. But LWPFTP is something different - it isn't a separate program to run when you want to download off of the net. Rather, it is integrated into the Workplace Shell as a special kind of folder you use with point and click. (9/1/1995)

  • PMVIEW - An OS/2 Image Viewer and More
    This review of PMView highly recommends it. (5/1/1995)