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Peter Skye is a man of many interests and talents. Happily for us, talking to people and writing about it are two he does quite well.

  • Better Compression Using RAR
    PKZip has a limit on the number of files it will compress together. When you want a large number of files zipped up together, RAR, an alternate compression utility, seems to do the trick. (6/20/2003)

  • Better Compression Using RAR
    PKZip has a limit on the number of files it will compress together. When you want a large number of files zipped up together, RAR, an alternate compression utility, seems to do the trick. (6/1/2002)

  • eCS
    While eComStation has generated a lot of enthusiasm recently, there are also skeptics amongst us. Certainly there are things you should consider. (6/8/2001)

  • DSL Duck Does DHCP
    Hardware can be the cause of unexpected - and seemingly unrelated - system problems. In this case, getting Peter's DHCP set up. (5/30/2001)

  • Manage and Lead
    In this editorial, Peter Skye ponders the difference between managing and leading - and the implications for SCOUG. (2/6/2001)

  • Dr. Tom Molloy Learns To Program
    A veterinarian with an office to run, he chooses OS/2 with DBExpert. (1/1/1998)

  • Gene Akins Helps The Common Man
    Backups under OS/2 are often done by MSR Development's BackMaster, the leading OS/2 backup software, and the technical guy there is Gene Akins, who has an incredible depth of knowledge in all things OS/2. (11/1/1997)

  • Virginia Hetrick Joins the Past to the Present
    Virginia Hetrick - Ph.D., the ex-Supercomputing Coordinator for the University of Florida, ex-Manager of Supercomputing Services at UCLA and currently UCLA's Technology Architect for The Institute Of Archaeology - is an OS/2 fan. (8/1/1997)

  • New FaxWorks Pro Version Has Lots to Offer

  • OS/2 Warp Programmer's SideKick
    This is a book review of The OS/2 Warp Programmer's SideKick: Functions & Structures, a quick reference to OS/2 functions, macros, and structures. (3/28/1997)

  • Terry Hamilton Joins TrueSpectra
    This interview with Terry Hamilton does give you information about Terry. But it also tells you why you need the product he sells, Photo>Graphics. (12/1/1996)

  • Making the computers run on time
    Peter interviews Steve Schiffman, one of SCOUG's founding members. On the computer front, Steve's expertise is networking. On the hobby side, it's trains. (11/1/1996)

  • Rodney Myers builds a Dinosaur
    Rodney Myers uses NeoN Grafix to do 3-D rendering under OS/2. Peter Skye elaborates. (10/1/1996)

  • It's Sundial Time - Words, Numbers, and Organization Too
    Peter talks to Randell Flint, head honcho at Sundial Systems Corporation. In this interview he gives you the scoop on Randell, the company, and their OS/2 software products. (9/1/1996)

  • MSR Development Is In the Driver's Seat
    An interview with Dudley Westlake of MSR Development provides a lot of information about backups. (8/1/1996)

  • Esther Schindler Promotes OS/2 Nationally
    Esther Schinder is a professional OS/2 activist. This interview gives you a glimpse at this engaging personality. (8/1/1996)

  • Our OS/2 Partners

  • Tape Tip
    Here's a tip on saving money when you buy a new tape backup drive. (7/1/1996)

  • OS/2 Needs Men Like This
    Jim Ames is the driving force behind J3 Computer Technologies, a software dealer located in Southern California. He keeps the business on its toes - and keeps it focused squarely on OS/2. (7/1/1996)

  • Office Solutions Is OS/2 Retail Source
    A perfect little local store sells OS/2 software. (6/1/1996)

  • IBM in new push with OpenDoc
    After a day-long seminar on OpenDoc, Peter gives it his spin. (5/1/1996)