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  5/1/1997 Commentary
 A Correction to eCS 6/9/2001 Commentary
 A Rose by Any Other Name 3/1/1996 Commentary
 Apple Woes Drive OS/2 Conversions 6/1/1996 Commentary
 Bah, Humbug! 12/1/1995 Commentary
 Board of Director Changes 7/1/1997 Commentary
 CI Labs Is Closing 4/1/1997 Commentary
 Commending Paul Wirtz 12/7/1999 Commentary
 Comments from the Secretary 10/1/1993 Commentary
 Happy Holidays 12/1/1996 Commentary
 Is Anybody Reading This? 12/1/1994 Commentary
 Manage and Lead 2/6/2001 Commentary
 Netlabs Is Value-Added Effort 8/1/2000 Commentary
 Open House a Success 8/1/1997 Commentary
 Paradigmaticly Speaking 11/1/1993 Commentary
 Pondering the Past and Future 10/1/1994 Commentary
 President's Message: 100 Members! 8/1/1994 Commentary
 President's Message: 1993 Activity Report 12/1/1993 Commentary
 President's Message: A New Meeting Plan 6/1/1994 Commentary
 President's Message: A look ahead to Merlin 5/1/1996 Commentary
 President's Message: An Update 5/1/1995 Commentary
 President's Message: Another Great Meeting 6/1/1996 Commentary
 President's Message: Back to Basics 2/1/1996 Commentary
 President's Message: Doomsday is upon us.... 8/1/1995 Commentary
 President's Message: Help Helping Helpers 11/1/1995 Commentary
 President's Message: Ideas 7/1/1995 Commentary
 President's Message: Looking back for a moment 4/1/1996 Commentary
 President's Message: Looking towards the future 12/1/1995 Commentary
 President's Message: Memory is the Second Thing to Go... 10/1/1995 Commentary
 President's Message: New Users 1/1/1995 Commentary
 President's Message: The Newsletter 7/1/1996 Commentary
 President's Message: The Year in Review 1/1/1996 Commentary
 President's Message: The beginning of SCOUG 3/1/1995 Commentary
 President's Message: Volunteers & You 4/1/1995 Commentary
 President's Message: Volunteers and More 9/1/1995 Commentary
 President's Message: Warp Beta II 9/1/1994 Commentary
 President's Message: We're moving onward 11/1/1993 Commentary
 President's Message: What a meeting! 3/1/1994 Commentary
 President's Message: What do you want from SCOUG? 4/1/1994 Commentary
 President's Message: Where are the Killer Apps? 6/1/1995 Commentary
 President's Message: Where we go from here 5/1/1994 Commentary
 President's Message: Where we stand 2/1/1994 Commentary
 President's Message: Who are we and why are we here? 3/1/1996 Commentary
 President's Message: Your Board of Directors 1/1/1994 Commentary
 Results of the Newsletter Survey 1/1/1995 Commentary
 Seeking a Donut King 12/3/1999 Commentary
 The Curse of Compatibility 7/1/1995 Commentary
 The End of My Presidency 4/1/1998 Commentary
 The President's Message 10/1/1993 Commentary
 The President's Message 4/1/1997 Commentary
 The President's Message - Dec 1999 12/9/1999 Commentary
 The President's Message - Feb 1999 2/1/1999 Commentary
 The President's Message - Feb 2000 2/1/2000 Commentary
 The President's Message - Jan 2000 1/1/2000 Commentary
 The President's Message - Jan. 1999 1/1/1999 Commentary
 The President's Message - June 1999 6/23/1999 Commentary
 The President's Message - March 1999 3/1/1999 Commentary
 The President's Message - March 2000 3/1/2000 Commentary
 The President's Message - Sept 1999 9/9/1999 Commentary
 The Presidents Message 7/1/1998 Commentary
 The Presidents Message 5/1/1998 Commentary
 The Presidents Message 6/1/1998 Commentary
 The Presidents Message - Dec 1998 12/1/1998 Commentary
 The Presidents Message - Nov 1998 11/1/1998 Commentary
 The Presidents Message - September 1998 9/1/1998 Commentary
 Warpstock a Success! 12/1/1997 Commentary
 eCS 6/8/2001 Commentary

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